Liquor Store Advertising That Works

January 12, 2024

ou own a local liquor store and have tried email marketing, non-profit sponsorships and local mailers to promote your business...just to name a few, but you aren't sure if any of those methods worked or what you should try next.

My advice is to start with digital advertising on Google and add map services.

During peak lockdown situations, our liquor clients will see returns of as much as $40,000 - $50,000 in sales for every $1,000 they spend on ads.

What is digital advertising?

The digital advertising that I recommend to our liquor clients as a first step is text ads on Google.

These ads show up at the top of a Google search result when someone does a search for a term like "liquor delivery" or "liquor store near me". We can write the ads in a way that attracts attention and target them within your geography in a way that keeps your business at the top of search results, right when someone is looking for what you offer.

We can then measure how much revenue those ads generate down to the penny.

Google Ads PPC results example for liquor stores.
A 3 month ROAS of 11.81 on Google Ads

As the weeks and months go on, we watch the results of those ads and use multivariate testing ( testing multiple versions of an ad ) to incrementally improve your ad results making them more and more profitable.

Our clients currently see an average 4x ROAS (return on ad spend) , and have historically seen ROAS as high as 40x during peak COVID lock down situations. Yes, you read that correctly. I said that during peak lockdown situations, our liquor clients will see returns of as much as $40,000 - $50,000 in sales for every $1,000 they spend on ads.

Once a liquor store has a solid Google Ads program up and running, we will usually recommend local map services to rank your store on local map results.

What are local map services?

Local map services, also know in the digital marketing industry as local SEO, are services that help you earn one of the top three positions on map search results.

This is important because those businesses that show up on those top three map search results, (what we call the map pack) can generate up to 40% of the click traffic, especially on mobile.

Local SEO map listings search results on Google Maps for liquor stores near Denver, Colorado.
Local SEO map search result for liquor stores

We do this by making sure that your NAP ( name, address and phone number ) are all exactly the same on every one of more than 70 directory listings, including Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, Bing, Yahoo! and more.

Google takes this compounded information about your business, the accuracy of your information on the large volume of directory sites, and assumes that your business is the most accurate and relevant for a search result.

So, you see how if your liquor store has an ad running that sits at the top of the page, and you show up on map listings, you are in a prime position to be top of mind for returning customers in your market. And we do all of this while measuring sales and revenue, so that you know exactly how much money you are making.

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