Life After Drizly - The Liquor Store Strategy to Keep Customers

January 19, 2024

ou had been generating $20,000-$200,000 per month of business through Drizly’s app, but now Drizly is going out of business and leaving you high and dry

What can you do to keep your employees fed?

The challenge is that Drizly invested and grew the Drizly brand. They did not grow your brand. All those customers who were shopping through Drizly didn’t know they were actually buying from you and your store. They didn’t know it was your store all along that was fulfilling their orders and delivering their alcohol.

At the highest level, you need to reinvest in your own liquor delivery business. We have been helping some of Drizly’s largest stores nationwide capture and grown their own delivery businesses for nearly seven years.

"We watched our delivery business explode. We could not have done this without Greg and his fantastic team!" -Bruce, Owner of Bonnie Brae Liquor, #1 liquor delivery program nation wide

The great news is that all those customers are still there and are still willing to buy online. They just need to know how. This is your market opportunity.

Step 1 Ads

We strongly recommend you start to run a split ad campaign on both Google Ads and Facebook ads promoting your liquor delivery business. On Google, target keywords around delivery and Drizly’s brand name. 

You should also run ads on Facebook talking about your delivery services so that customers quickly learn to come to you directly for all of their alcohol delivery needs. Some of the large website providers, like CityHive and BottleCapps, even offer their own app, which you can promote in lieu of the Drizly app.

We can help with this! We are the largest liquor ad agency in the country, and we regularly see 3x-10x returns for our stores. We then watch as website sales grow month over month because direct sales through your website will and should become only a small part of your total online sales. Most of your online sales will become recurring customers as soon as you have convinced them to buy from you and you alone.

Step 2 Direct Communication

If you have any part of your Drizly customer email list, use it. Email these customers with a quick message and discount code, and keep emailing them every 2 weeks for the next 3-6 months. For example:

Drizly is going out of business, but don’t worry…we are the store that fulfilled your orders.
Order direct through our website for a 15% discount on your next order and see how great of a job we can do for you.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that all those delivery customers are about to decide who to buy from next. Why not make it you?

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